About us

Khandelwal Social Society, which was started by Gaurav Katta in 2019, then slowly the people of Khandelwal society joined it. It has been registered on 9 August 2019 (COOP / 2019 / JAIPUR / 104775). Khandelwal Social Society whose aim is to develop our society. Under this, we do a variety of tasks such as talent shows, medical camps, cancer awareness programs, drawing competition, sports competition, education and social activities, etc. Its working area is Rajasthan. Khandelwal's Got Talent Is a part of the Khandelwal Social society, which seems to bring the hidden talent in our society from the world.
There is a lot of talent hidden in our society, but it is not going to bring it to the right level, in today's time, it is not necessary that a career should be made in education, if we have any skill, we can make a career in it too. Therefore, Khandelwal's Got Talent is going to create a platform whereby the talent of our society which has the courage to do something, we can get it out and get it recognized at the world level.
Through Khandelwal's Got Talent, there has been an association with the brothers of the society, who we never even knew, whatever programs are held, the information in the society increases and brotherhood also increases.
The aim of Khandelwal's Got Talent is not only to recognize the skills of our society but also to increase brotherhood by increasing interaction with all people. 
If any child in your family is also interested in dance singing instrument, then please register, your small effort can make your child a star.
Khandelwal Social Society
Khandelwal Social Society